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Le nozze di Figaro
Salzburger Festspiele 2023
Pedro Beriso, continuo

The singing is enlightenment put into sound and can unfold fully in the recitatives due to the brilliant man at the fortepiano, Pedro Beriso.

Frankfurter Rundschau, 28/07/23

On the fortepiano, Pedro Beriso brings liberal, invigorating highlights.

Südwest Presse, 28/07/23

The show's stature cannot be explained without the emphasis Pichon gave to the recitatives. Pianist Pedro Beriso and cellist Julian Barre gave a musical and conceptual blend that enhanced the credibility of Le nozze.

El confidencial, 28/07/23

Pedro Beriso enlivens the blackouts between scenes with inventiveness on the fortepiano.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 28/07/23

Above the orchestral sound and the playing of Continuo freethinkers Pedro Beriso and Julian Barre, moves a thoroughly young ensemble of singers who meet the high standards of Mozart interpretation in Salzburg.

Salzburger Nachrichten, 28/07/23

Great continuo accompaniment with Pedro Beriso on fortepiano and Julien Barre on cello, with a lot of beautiful work in the recitatives as well.

Deutschlandfunk, 28/07/23

The freedom with which the recitatives are handled succeeds in a congenial way. Sentences are exchanged, layered, specified and rushed - appropriate for the turbo speed of the "mad day" in Beaumarchais' title.

Die Deutsche Bühne, 27/07/23

This is a constant, shimmering interplay of tempi, between which Pedro Beriso glides not only in the imaginative recitatives on the obbligato fortepiano. This time, the most exciting Mozart moments come from the Salzburg pit.

Die Welt, 01/08/23

Ändere die Welt!  
Dutch National Opera, OFF Festival 2023

Pedro Beriso, conductor, co-creator, arranger, pianist

Ändere die Welt! - Credit © Bart Grietens - Dutch National Opera 084.jpg

An extremely successful, angry, as well as touching and magnificent work!

Please play it everywhere!

Opernwelt, 11/03/23

Pedro Beriso had virtuously arranged songs and arias for the LUDWIG ensemble.

Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, 15/03/2023

Pedro Beriso has provided LUDWIG with truly beautiful arrangements and the level of performance of the orchestra, led by Beriso from the piano, was unprecedented. What a luxury to see and hear such musicians in this performance.

Place de l'Opera, 15/03/23

Beriso devised the pasticcio so that the chosen music was based around composers and librettists whose work is associated in some form with the themes of change and revolution.

. . .

Beriso’s well-crafted re-orchestrations and transpositions for different voices and combinations of voices ensured that rather than jar, they sat together comfortably. In fact, the musical fabric of the work was beautifully varied, with the pieces sometimes complementing, although often contrasting, each other to good effect. It was also a score that was sensitively crafted to support the drama.

. . .
The singers were wonderfully accompanied by LUDWIG under Beriso’s direction. The balance was always perfectly placed so that the weighting between the ensemble and the singers, and within the ensemble itself, allowed the textural qualities of the pieces to be clearly heard. Rhythmic tensions and dynamic contrasts were managed sensitively to support the dramatic needs of the opera. And Beriso’s orchestration ensured that there were plenty of solo opportunities for the players, who all played superbly. Moreover, it was a beautiful performance, one that uncovered the emotional depths or frisson that lay at the heart of so many of the pieces.

OperaWire, 16/03/23

La clemenza di Tito  
Opera Ballet Vlaanderen 2023

Pedro Beriso, continuo

Clemenza OBV.jpg

Pedro Beriso's pianoforte subtly integrates into a colourful orchestral texture without heaviness that reveals all the richness of the sound levels and builds the dramatic discourse.

Avant Scène Opéra, 10/09/23

Youthful exuberance of this production: daring flourishes of fortepiano

in the recitatives of Pedro Beriso.

Bachtrack, 12/10/2023

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